Do We Need a Digital Sabbath?

This blog is dedicated to my learning of new digital tools.  And I am learning so much!  Yet…when I heard this, I thought: Well yes, we do.  See what you think:

Taking a Digital Sabbath

Having listened to the above, I was encouraged to find out more about this idea which lead me here:

and here:

Unplug and Recharge Challenge

and even here:

We All Need A Digital Sabbath

It seems my desire to unplug found me entirely plugged-in and down the rabbit hole.

So here I go: I cannot unplug for work, but I am now unplugging in terms of all my personal digital addictions.  24 hours–no twitter, blog, What’s App, texting.  I’m off, out, un- ….. join me?


photo credit: me

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